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Kenyans Disappointed after Harambee Stars Loss




Being the first time in 15 years that Kenya qualified for the Africa Cup of Nations, many Kenyans were glued to their television screens to witness the national team’s debut in the tournament. Despite playing against a regular World Cup qualifier team, Algeria, many were hopeful that the national team would win their first match. It was, however, a disappointing moment for Kenyans after Algeria scored 2 goals against Harambee Stars in the first half. Many hoped that the team would make a comeback and even try to draw (in the least) but the match ended with a painful 2-0 score.

Kenyans, as usual, took their frustrations to social media to bash the national team players in tweets and memes. Many were of the opinion that the players did a bogus job and that the final results would have been positive had they given the match their all.
Sam (@sam_maina_) in a tweet says, “Supporting Harambee Stars should be included in 1000 ways to die.” Fred Obachi Machoka (@fredomachoka) also expresses his disappointment: “It’s not the 2 nil I am upset about but the lack of a single move from the rear that can even reach Olunga! So, what was France all about?!”

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citys-mahrez-helps-algeria-to-afcon-win-vs-kenya harambee stars-pilkapilka

Even though the national team players disappointed many back at home, some Kenyans still believe in them and are positive that they are going to win in their next match against our neighbouring country, Tanzania, on Thursday 27th June at 2300hrs (Kenyan time). Hon. Raila Odinga passed his words of encouragement to the Harambee Stars players through his tweet: “After a 15-year absence from the tournament, you played your hearts out but didn’t get a favorable result. Keep your heads up and keep going, kuteleza sio kuanguka. The whole nation is still rooting for you #HarambeeStars all the best in the rest of your #AFCON2019 fixtures.”

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