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How to be a Relationship Guru – First Date Dos




How to a Relationship Guru - First Date Dos

First dates are one of the weirdest things that make us feel so nervous. It is common to have so many questions running through your mind when you are going on a first date; will my dressing impress them? Will they find my company interesting? Will they request for a second date? Most people have a hard time knowing what to do on first dates, mostly because they try so hard to impress the other person. Understand that there are going to be more dates so avoid spending so much time wondering if you’re getting everything right on the first one. Here is a list of first date dos:

Wear something comfortable

You don’t want to be adjusting your sleeves after every 5 minutes or tripping over every cobblestone that you step on. Before leaving your house, make sure you feel comfortable in whatever you’ve chosen to wear. This should be from your clothing to shoes. First dates can be spontaneous so you may find yourself taking a long romantic walk with your date.

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Carry enough cash

So many things can go wrong on a first date – from being stood up, to your date going short on cash, to you not feeling your date’s vibe and just wanting to get yourself back home. It is not once or twice that we’ve heard of people being unable to settle their bills while on a date. Such an embarrassing situation will forever be engraved in your memory so you definitely don’t want to be ‘the person who couldn’t pay their bill’. Carry enough cash of your own, just in case things don’t go as planned.

Keep the conversation going

There is nothing as boring as being with someone who can’t keep a conversation going. Feel free to initiate conversations and talk about almost anything. If at all your date asks you something that you are not comfortable answering, politely let them know and try to introduce a different topic. Remember, you are not in a Q&A session so avoid going silent immediately after answering a question – don’t be such a conversation killer.

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Be accommodating of the other person

Understand that you are on a date to get to know more about the other person. Unless they are making you uncomfortable, act interested in what your date is telling you. Avoid making it all about yourself as this will just send your date away.

Wear sexy undies

A good number of first dates can end up under the covers so make sure whatever you are wearing underneath your clothes will be appealing to your date if at all you get into the sheets afterward. Get rid of those stinky pairs of boxers and torn lacy panties.

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There are many other situations that can be handled. What is the best advice that you can give to a person on the first date? Share with us in the comments section.

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