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Crismatic – From A Video Vixen to a Musician




Crismatic video vixen to musicians

Unlike many whose music careers blossom from a simple passion, hers has grown from an unexpected root. Luciana, who goes by the stage name Crismatic, is one of the youngest musicians whose works are appreciated on the streets of Malindi and beyond.

She was born and brought up in Lamu until the year 2017 when she was transferred to a different high school in Malindi. She first appeared as a video vixen in Jaslu’s music video, Sawa. Rumors at that time had it that the young Crismatic was also in a relationship with the said musician.

crismatics on pilkapilka 1

Crismatic’s career took an unexpected turn when she had attended one of her regular video shoots but things could not run as planned due to unavoidable circumstances. The shoot had to be postponed, unbeknownst to her that it was a blessing in disguise. She was requested by the manager of Pillar Works Studios, Ogutu Atata, to try out singing as a background vocalist to an audio piece that he was working on at that time and thanks to her sweet melodic voice, the manager loved what he heard. It was at that point that her music journey kicked off and her first single, Huwezi Sita came to life. She went ahead and recorded three other songs; Niende na Nani, Hello ft. Jaslu, and Vuka Mwaka ft. the Studio.

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Besides working tirelessly towards breaking into the mainstream, Crismatic’s main challenge is to balance between her studies and music. She is set to sit her KCSE this year and more of her time and energy is dedicated to her studies. The studio also has to limit her promotions so that her music career does not interfere with her education. Crismatic is mostly inspired by female artists who have worked against all odds to break through into the music industry. Her music idol is Nandy and she hopes to record a collabo with the famous musician from Tanzania.

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Her biggest blessings, she says, are her parents who have supported her both emotionally and financially, and would do everything to see their daughter succeed in her music career. Well, aren’t Crismatic’s parents the “Parent Goals” that every kid would wish to have?

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