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25 Years in Prison for Murder




25 Years in Prison for Murder pilkapilka

I have never been a fan of watching news but finishing campus has forced me to be a ‘responsible’ adult. Do you know that feeling you get when you watch the news on a daily; the feeling of being a real adult and what-not? I get that too. Even though I don’t know where my life is heading right now, I always feel like I’ve got my life together and everything figured out just by watching the news. If adulting is stressing tf out of you, try watching the news – it’s a studied and tested concept.

We all know of the 30-year-old pastor from Kitale who was found guilty of raping, impregnating and killing a minor, right? And we also know of the woman who was found guilty of possessing bhang worth Ksh. 2000, right? The former was sentenced to 25 years while the latter was sentenced to 30 years in prison. How can one be given such a short (and unrealistic) sentence for such a crime while another gets a longer sentence for being in possession of bhang? I didn’t study law in university but it doesn’t take a law student to know that a rapist and murderer should have been sentenced to life imprisonment.

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Saying the Kenya judicial service is a joke would be an understatement. Billions and billions of money have mysteriously disappeared from government offices yet we don’t see anyone being held accountable. How many times have we seen people stealing Kenyan’s hard-earned money in the form of taxes for their own personal gains? How many government officials freely walk on our streets after transferring money that is meant to develop the country to their international bank accounts?

The system is rotten and it needs a serious makeover. We are all working towards creating a better Kenya but the system is failing us. Those who ‘own’ Kenya continue to rob us of the little that we have left with no mercy.
Whoever said “Kuna wakenya na wenye Kenya” was never wrong.

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