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Abortion ban; should the government have a say on whether or not women should have abortions?




abortion ban bill

In the past few weeks, over 5 states in the US have passed laws that prevent women from going through abortion(s). Whereas some laws are a bit ‘lenient’ in that they make exceptions in cases like rape, incest, or when the woman’s life is in danger, some are completely against abortion. Yaani, when a woman becomes pregnant, then she MUST have the baby. In Kenya, the law states that a woman can only undergo an abortion if the baby’s or woman’s life is in danger, or if both lives are in danger. The topic of abortion has spurred heated debates on social media, some supporting and some against the ban.

I think the question that needs to be answered is whether or not the government should put up laws that control what women choose to do with their own bodies. For so long women have not been allowed to own their bodies and have always been taught to treat their bodies in a way that will benefit someone else, be it their future husbands or their unborn babies. Back when slavery was a legal business around the world, many women were raped by their masters and in cases where they became pregnant, they weren’t allowed to undergo an abortion. Any woman who was caught helping another get rid of pregnancy was hung.

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It is so sad that up to this day, in the year 2019, women still struggle to claim their rights. Women still beg to be allowed to be free to do what they wish to do to/with their bodies. Is it really so difficult to allow women to simply take control of their bodies? Why must there be the existence of laws that dictate what women should or should not do when it comes to matters concerning their bodies?

Many times, when a woman decides to undergo an abortion, it is usually because she isn’t ready to have a baby. Why then, must she be forced to have a baby that she doesn’t want or isn’t ready to have? How many homeless children do we have on our streets? How many times have we woken up to the news of babies who’ve been dumped in dustbins and pit latrines? How many children are in foster care? I think it’s a high time people stopped pretending to care for unborn children yet we have so many children who are currently suffering.

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Banning abortion doesn’t mean that women will stop having them. It only means that they will undergo unsafe abortions in more dangerous conditions, which will, in turn, lead to more women losing their lives. Instead of forcing women to go through with pregnancies they aren’t ready for, or pregnancies that they simply don’t want, governments should, therefore, be focused on creating safe environments for women to go through abortions by licensed practitioners if they so wish.

Although I am totally of the idea that women should be free to do what they wish with their bodies, any woman who chooses to keep her pregnancy should do everything in her power to make sure that the developing baby is in a safe environment. That includes quitting alcohol and other drugs, exercising, getting enough rest, eating healthy, avoiding stress, and what-not.
To better understand the logic behind whether or not women should be allowed to terminate pregnancies they aren’t ready for, there’s an interesting picture that I came across on the internet:

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abortion bill

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