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Malindi Business and Art Exhibition 2019-204

After a month long of hype and preparation, Malindians finally witnessed the 1st ever Business & Art Exhibition to be held in the county. The exhibition took place at The Sinbad Park on the 20th of April, 2019. The event initially targeted just about 500 people. These were people from National & County Government institutions, business owners, and the general public. This, however, was not the case at the Sinbad Park as the event attracted over 2000 people from more than 50 businesses. There were businesses from all tiers including banks, media houses, fruit and nut vendors, restaurants, and non-governmental organizations.

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Malindi Business and Art Exhibition 2019-204

Organized by Malindians and Haifa Timimi, the exhibition was geared towards creating a marketing platform where local businesses could market and promote their products and services. Sinbad Park was graced by Swahili traditional wares that reminded many of their culture and heritage. The art gallery left many with their mouths agape, a sign that the prepossessing aura of the art pieces was quite too much to take in. The finger-licking Swahili dishes that were on sale also left many wanting more of what was offered during the event.

Malindi Business and Art Exhibition 2019-149 Malindi Business and Art Exhibition 2019-149 Malindi Business and Art Exhibition 2019-149

Malindi residents had an opportunity to interact with business owners and got to know more about services offered in hospitals and many other organizations. As the event came to an end, you could easily tell that the attendees had not had enough of it and many are looking forward to the 2nd edition of Malindi Business & Art exhibition.

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