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Nothing like skin colour change: It was a gambado, Sidika proves

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Nothing like skin colour change: It was a gambado, Sidika proves 4

Vera Sidika has proved the general public wrong a few days after the Kenya’s number one slay queen/socialite turned entrepreneur posted a photo of her on Instagram looking dark.

From the look of things, the 29-year-old CEO of Vera Beauty Parlor’s, that was a prank to market her new song Mimi which to the time of publishing this piece had reached 122, 000 views on YouTube.

Part of the song goes, “My skin dont tell me who I am. My color dont tell me where I am from. Money dont care, black or white bado utahustle.”

Mimi, comes as a second song after her hit Nalia – a song that has hit 1.4M views on YouTube as we are speaking – which she released on November 10, last year.

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Vera’s prank comes alongside controversial gospel artist Willy Paul stunt.

Earlier this week Pozee – as he is known among the youths – posted a photo of him and Alaine Laughton saying that the Jamaican American reggae singer and songwriter had blocked him and he could not reach her any longer.

However Willy paul seemed to elongate the prank by posting on the social media platform that even though she had unblocked him, the answer she gave on music was not what he wanted to hear.

Hours later, the artist informed the general public of his upcoming collabo with the Artist telling them to get ready with bundles as he would release the hit on YouTube.

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The song dubbed Shado Bado is trading on 61k views as we speak and proves that the pranks and sideshows helps these artists to be who they are, artists.

They seem to have invested their brains on PR (Public Relations) nowadays; they careless of the content. As far as they get your head nodding for loving the song or fuming for being irked they are good to go.

As far as you have already clicked that’s food on their table.

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